Raiding 101 – Part 3: Your Stats

May 19, 2008

As most players know, your gear should match your instance. A tank in blues and greens in Mag or Gruul just won’t cut it.  Here are some minimum stats you should work for for raiding as a healing priest.


Mag & Gruul

ZA TK & SSC BT & Hyjal Sunwell
HP 5800 6600 8500 7500 7500 8000
MP 7600 8420 9500 9000 10000 10000
Plus Heal 1200 1450 1600 1620 2000 2400
MP5 110 150 210 190 300 350

These stats are easily obtainable with the Whitemend set and Primal Mooncloth set and some instance blues.  A full list of recommended gear for your brand new 70 holy priest was written by Matticus, feel free to check it out.

Magtheridon’s Lair/Gruul’s Lair
You can find a good list of gear for a Magtheridon level priest at the Elitist Jerk’s Holy Priest Raiding Compendium

Tempest Keep/Serpentshrine Cavern
Once you’ve got about 65-75% of your ups from Kara, Mag, and Gruul, you should be at or near the stats needed for TK and SSC.

Black Temple/Hyjal 
You’ll need gear from SSC, TK, Mag, Gruul, ZA, and Kara before you’re ready for BT or Hyjal.  The Shattered Sun Offensive badge vendor should have some great ups to get you ready here.

*You’ll be able to find links to other gear lists soon!


“Mommy! Don’t Let the Tank Die!”

May 17, 2008

Often, I get asked how I manage to play WoW and still be a Mommy.  Answer is incredibly simple. Time Management.  Although my daughter is currently down in San Diego visiting my mom, I’ve already began getting preparing for how I will manage to raid and spend sufficient time with my daughter while working. 

I’ve been a night owl for a long time, years and years of staying up late at night and reading under the covers with a flashlight contributed to that greatly.  I’ve been known to run 9 hour shifts at work on just 4 hours or less of sleep.  Because I normally work between 8 AM and 8 PM but never more than 9 hours a day/ 40 hours a week, it leaves me a good amount of time to spend with my daughter.  Being the parent of a toddler isn’t going to allow to play WoW and be a mom at the same time.  Of course, having a two parent household where both parties are willing to parent will help greatly.  Some tips to other parents who play WoW:

<a title=”My Daughter and Her Dad
‘I can haz attention now?'” href=”; rel=”lightbox” target=”target”>WoW Siggy

Single Parents

  • Play while your child is sleeping.  Any parenting magazine you read now a days will tell you that bed time and nap time are the best time to relax and be yourself, not just a mom.
  • Join a family friendly guild.  You’re much less likely to get booted from the raid for answering your little one’s cries in a guild with other parents than in a guild full of teens.
  • Play during non peak hours.  Just like your cell phone and electricity, your kids have ‘peak hours’.  All children are incredibly active at certain periods.  It’s not the same for all of them, so learn when your kid’s ‘peak hours’ are and avoid instances or raids during those times.

For Two Parent Households (the same ideas apply from the list for Single Parents)

  • Take turns. If you and your significant other both play WoW, trade off on parenting. Maybe you raid one week and your honey raids the next, maybe you go by nights, the possibilities are endless.  If you don’t both play WoW, then offer to take care of the little ones while your sweetie takes some time to their selves if they’ll do the same when you raid.
  • Find a late night guild, if it fits your and your SO’s schedule. 

Above all else, and I can not say it enough, do not neglect your child for WoW, or any other video game.

New Badge Loot vs. Tier 6 Gear

May 16, 2008

With the new badge gear out, there’s a lot of annoyance coming from the higher end raiders. Take Adorned Supernal Leggings from Smith Hauthaa, the badge vendor and Leggings of Eternity off of Archimond in Hyjal Summit. Obviously the two are difficult to choose between, though personally I’d go with Leggings of Eternity for the MP5, though the Adorned are probably what I would work for until I was able to get the drop off ol’ Archie. A large amount of T5 and T6 raiders are unhappy about the ease in getting such decent gear. Heroics are getting easier and easier to pug and a lot of people are farming them to get the badge gear that’s easily T5/T6 equivalent. The problem with that is that these people may or may not have that skill level.

Smith Hauthaa vsArchimonde

With nothing but badge and crafted gear, a guild has no way to tell wether or not a new recruit with great stats has the skill and intelligence to match. I saw a friend of mine go into a Karazhan raid once with 1700 bonus heal and a decent amount of regen. He was 4th on the charts in healing when we only had 3 healers, the other 2 had bonus heal less or equal to his own. This is not to say anything bad about him, he’s a great friend, but at the same time, why did he do so badly? He had been collecting badge gear and had the Primal Mooncloth set. Afterwards, the guild he had been accepted to had a meeting. After hearing his stats and not checking his actual gear, they saw that they had made a mistake. This is not to say that anyone without raid gear isn’t a good player, this is just to say that good stats doesn’t always equal good player.

Raiding 101 – Part Two: Boss Fights

May 12, 2008

WoW Siggy

There are 262 raid bosses in WoW right now.

And it is fairly difficult to memorize each and every one of them. Especially if you haven’t done the fight a few times.  For raids that you’re familiar with, it won’t be to difficult to know what to do and where to be.  Though in BC a large quantity of the bosses have similarities to other fights that are Pre-BC, they all still have there differences, and you, as a tank, healer or dps, are expected to know the similarities and differences of the ones your raid group encounters. 

This easy to do if you’re a seasoned raider and your group isn’t in any progression content at the moment, but what about people who were in a guild that raided strictly Karazhan that joined a guild raiding SSC?  Then, you have to do the research.

There are tons of options, if you know where to look.

There are tons and tons of web sites with information on boss killing strategies.  Clicking on the screen shot will take you to the site described.

BossKillers Screen shotBoss Killers – This site is dedicated to nothing but strategies for raid bosses. You can find both Pre-BC and BC, 10-40 man, instance and outdoor raid bosses. I searched the site and did not find one boss or instance that was not included.  The strategies are player submitted and the include contests that allow you to win money for submitting the first high quality strategy guide on a boss.

WoWWiki Screen shot WoW Wiki – Although it’s focus is not boss strategies, it still carries a good amount of them.  WoW Wiki is much like any other wiki site in the fact that it is user edited.  You can find anything from character info to in game mechanics and everything in between.  This is the site I used before BossKillers, and find that when researching a boss fight, using the two of them will almost always tell you everything there is to know.

WoW Head Screen Shot WoW Head – WoW Head is usually used as a search engine for items and skills. They don’t provide any strategies, but you can see what spells and skills a certain boss uses.  Each Item, NPC, Zone, Skill, and Boss has a comment section in which players are able to post a strategy guide if they’d like.  I don’t use WoW Head much for boss strategies, but it’s great for drops and skills. 

AMP WoW Screen Shot Amp WoW – This is a site that I just recently came across.  Their strategy section seems to be some what incomplete, however they do have a visual aid for the boss strategies that they’ve added, which I find incredibly helpful.  If the strategies get completed, I’m pretty sure this site will go on my list of favorites.


May 9, 2008

My First Attempt at Tempest Keep: The Eye

May 9, 2008

I thought that since tonight would be my first attempt at healing TK that I’d go ahead and try and give some updates, so I’ll be live blogging the raid. Once we’ve finished, I’ll add a few screen shots, but I’m not going to worry about that until the time comes.

10:10 PM: Pulls start… Full hour late, but hell, I don’t care!

11:13 PM: “OMG He’s so big!” ~A Random Guildy upon seeing Void Reaver

11:40 PM: Cleared VR’s room and going over the strategy.

11:55 PM: Pulled VR… Here goes.

11:59 PM: Attempt 1: Failed at 90%… I was second on heals though! Lol.

12:06 AM: Starting attempt 2.

12:15 AM: Attempt 2: Failed at 40%… One more go and hopefully we’ll get him!

12:26 AM: Pull #3!!!

12:29 AM: I died after 1 minute and 31 seconds… I need more stamina, me thinks.

12:42 AM: Called it, didn’t want to get repops. Hearthing and repairing. Will get some pix up soon!

Givin’ Lightbox a Shot

May 8, 2008

WoW Siggy

Making That Paper… Err… Metal?

May 8, 2008

I’ve been asked by strangers how I make money as a holy priest. The funny thing is that I don’t! I do it all with my hunter. Farming, dailies, all of it is done on my hunter with the exception of the Heroic Daily and Dungeon Daily. 

I prefer to do dailies though I’ve been a bit burnt out on them lately.  My preference is to start with the quests that will give me reputaion with factions I am not yet exaulted. I start with Shattered Sun Offensive quests first, as they are all fairly easy to do and grouped up together.  After that, I head to Shadowmoon Valley to work on the Netherwing dailies. 

Laely I’ve been faming the Talonsworn Forest-Ragers for herbs with my fiance. We uaully use the herbs to make potions and elixirs and so that I can donate some herbs to the guild.  It’s pretty easy and I think I’ll start selling the herbs to make some gold for Mercy’s epic flyer. 

One More for the Collection

May 7, 2008

My new guild, requires a mod for raid sign ups. It’s not to different from Guild Event Manager. It’s called GroupCalendar, and it only differs in the UI.  It keeps track of guild raids, birthdays, and crafting cool downs for you.  I like it a lot, and just thought I’d raise a bit of awareness.  It can be found at this link.

The First Test

May 6, 2008

As you know, I’ve been trying to decide between Circle of Healing and Prayer of Spirit. I was able to give CoH a real test in a raid instance and thought I’d share my thoughts.

I filled in for a guildy in Zul’Aman who had to leave at Hex Lord Malacrass. A little about the Malacrass fight. It starts off with 4 adds all of which can be CCed in some way or another. He also does an AoE every .5 seconds called Spirit Bolts which is where CoH comes in. Basically the idea is for a priest to spam CoH and Prayer of Mending on the two groups and then regen during the DPSing phase. It worked out fairly well and although it didn’t keep everyone at 100%, I was still able to keep a good majority of the group above 50%. I was pretty satisfied with it over all, although I think I could have done a little better with my shackle/healing/CoH combo.