Raiding 101: Part Four – Atmosphere

Sorry for the delay. Life was a bit hectic for me last week. We now return to our regularly scheduled post.

We’ve covered everything in game to help you be prepared for raiding, now lets look at out of game. The atmosphere is a HUGE deal when it comes to raiding, especially as a healer.  Personally, the atmosphere I work best in depends on my mood.  Sometimes I like some kill music playing, sometimes I prefer something smoother and calmer, and sometimes I like it to be relatively quiet.  I can’t tell you what you’ll like, or what you’ll work best with, but I can give you some generalizations.

Personally my taste in music is very eclectic and varied greatly.  I enjoy everything from rap and hip hop to ERA to Evanescence to Green Day and everything in between.  One thing I can suggest is before you decide to listen to music in a 25 man, listen to it while healing a 10 man.  And before listening to it in a 10 man, listen while healing a 5 man.  If you succeed in a 5 man, go ahead and take it up a step.

I probably sound like your mother, but it’s bad for your eyes to watch TV in the dark and the same goes for staring at a computer screen.  Make sure that you have sufficient lighting near your computer so that you don’t have to read raid chat.  I used to raid in the dark and I’ll tell you what, I used to end the night with a huge headache every night. 

If you’re anything like me, raiding with a bunch of people yelling blabbing talking loudly in your ear isn’t quite what would be described as easy.  Usually while raiding I tend to prefer not to have any company, or at least WoW playing company so that they understand a small amount of concentration is required.

Ever tried raiding while your stomach is empty?  Or while you watch TV?  The ultimate variable in the atmosphere you raid in is you.  With practice, you can manage to ignore everything else that’s going on around you. 


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