To Tired to Raid?

For some guilds, raiding is a three times a week thing. For others, it’s an every night or almost every night thing. For my guild, it’s the latter.  We are a late night raid group, we always start after 10:30PM server time, which is 7:30 PM my time. It usually gives me time to take a nap before raids, but sometimes a nap isn’t enough. 

The fact that my guild raids fairly late at night is incredibly helpful.  It gives me time for a pretty long nap, but sometimes it’s not long enough.  I try to let my guild know when I can’t make it, and I have our MT on my AIM buddy list which makes things easy.  Lately my sleep schedule has been kinda wonky, and I wouldn’t be lying if I said that I’ve fallen asleep in the middle of a boss more than once. 

Usually if I’m pretty tired and I want to raid, I’ll do one of a few things:

  • Drink something sugary.
  • Play some music behind vent.
  • Sit up instead of laying down (my preferred position for playing WoW is on my stomach).
  • Make some coffee.
  • Grab a one hand compatible snack.
  • Take a shot of alcohol, preferably something strong. One shot won’t get me drunk, but the harshness of it is enough to wake me up.
  • Talk to The Boy while I raid.

On the off chance that none of these work, I whisper my raid leader and let them know that I’m looking for a replacement, and then on trash pulls I begin my search.  I ask guildies first, then friends, then ex-guildies. LFG is always my last option as I usually don’t know anything about the person in LFG other than their gear.  Try never to just bail on a guild run, wether it’s a raid or an instance.  It’s a bad plan, and leaves a bad impression.


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