Raiding 101 – Part 3: Your Stats

As most players know, your gear should match your instance. A tank in blues and greens in Mag or Gruul just won’t cut it.  Here are some minimum stats you should work for for raiding as a healing priest.


Mag & Gruul

ZA TK & SSC BT & Hyjal Sunwell
HP 5800 6600 8500 7500 7500 8000
MP 7600 8420 9500 9000 10000 10000
Plus Heal 1200 1450 1600 1620 2000 2400
MP5 110 150 210 190 300 350

These stats are easily obtainable with the Whitemend set and Primal Mooncloth set and some instance blues.  A full list of recommended gear for your brand new 70 holy priest was written by Matticus, feel free to check it out.

Magtheridon’s Lair/Gruul’s Lair
You can find a good list of gear for a Magtheridon level priest at the Elitist Jerk’s Holy Priest Raiding Compendium

Tempest Keep/Serpentshrine Cavern
Once you’ve got about 65-75% of your ups from Kara, Mag, and Gruul, you should be at or near the stats needed for TK and SSC.

Black Temple/Hyjal 
You’ll need gear from SSC, TK, Mag, Gruul, ZA, and Kara before you’re ready for BT or Hyjal.  The Shattered Sun Offensive badge vendor should have some great ups to get you ready here.

*You’ll be able to find links to other gear lists soon!


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