“Mommy! Don’t Let the Tank Die!”

Often, I get asked how I manage to play WoW and still be a Mommy.  Answer is incredibly simple. Time Management.  Although my daughter is currently down in San Diego visiting my mom, I’ve already began getting preparing for how I will manage to raid and spend sufficient time with my daughter while working. 

I’ve been a night owl for a long time, years and years of staying up late at night and reading under the covers with a flashlight contributed to that greatly.  I’ve been known to run 9 hour shifts at work on just 4 hours or less of sleep.  Because I normally work between 8 AM and 8 PM but never more than 9 hours a day/ 40 hours a week, it leaves me a good amount of time to spend with my daughter.  Being the parent of a toddler isn’t going to allow to play WoW and be a mom at the same time.  Of course, having a two parent household where both parties are willing to parent will help greatly.  Some tips to other parents who play WoW:

<a title=”My Daughter and Her Dad
‘I can haz attention now?'” href=”http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y109/pequena_kid/Kiana/0-1/l_f23a1ac9cb1fac6ea628ef46b75794d5.jpg&#8221; rel=”lightbox” target=”target”>WoW Siggy

Single Parents

  • Play while your child is sleeping.  Any parenting magazine you read now a days will tell you that bed time and nap time are the best time to relax and be yourself, not just a mom.
  • Join a family friendly guild.  You’re much less likely to get booted from the raid for answering your little one’s cries in a guild with other parents than in a guild full of teens.
  • Play during non peak hours.  Just like your cell phone and electricity, your kids have ‘peak hours’.  All children are incredibly active at certain periods.  It’s not the same for all of them, so learn when your kid’s ‘peak hours’ are and avoid instances or raids during those times.

For Two Parent Households (the same ideas apply from the list for Single Parents)

  • Take turns. If you and your significant other both play WoW, trade off on parenting. Maybe you raid one week and your honey raids the next, maybe you go by nights, the possibilities are endless.  If you don’t both play WoW, then offer to take care of the little ones while your sweetie takes some time to their selves if they’ll do the same when you raid.
  • Find a late night guild, if it fits your and your SO’s schedule. 

Above all else, and I can not say it enough, do not neglect your child for WoW, or any other video game.


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