New Badge Loot vs. Tier 6 Gear

With the new badge gear out, there’s a lot of annoyance coming from the higher end raiders. Take Adorned Supernal Leggings from Smith Hauthaa, the badge vendor and Leggings of Eternity off of Archimond in Hyjal Summit. Obviously the two are difficult to choose between, though personally I’d go with Leggings of Eternity for the MP5, though the Adorned are probably what I would work for until I was able to get the drop off ol’ Archie. A large amount of T5 and T6 raiders are unhappy about the ease in getting such decent gear. Heroics are getting easier and easier to pug and a lot of people are farming them to get the badge gear that’s easily T5/T6 equivalent. The problem with that is that these people may or may not have that skill level.

Smith Hauthaa vsArchimonde

With nothing but badge and crafted gear, a guild has no way to tell wether or not a new recruit with great stats has the skill and intelligence to match. I saw a friend of mine go into a Karazhan raid once with 1700 bonus heal and a decent amount of regen. He was 4th on the charts in healing when we only had 3 healers, the other 2 had bonus heal less or equal to his own. This is not to say anything bad about him, he’s a great friend, but at the same time, why did he do so badly? He had been collecting badge gear and had the Primal Mooncloth set. Afterwards, the guild he had been accepted to had a meeting. After hearing his stats and not checking his actual gear, they saw that they had made a mistake. This is not to say that anyone without raid gear isn’t a good player, this is just to say that good stats doesn’t always equal good player.


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