Raiding 101 – Part Two: Boss Fights

WoW Siggy

There are 262 raid bosses in WoW right now.

And it is fairly difficult to memorize each and every one of them. Especially if you haven’t done the fight a few times.  For raids that you’re familiar with, it won’t be to difficult to know what to do and where to be.  Though in BC a large quantity of the bosses have similarities to other fights that are Pre-BC, they all still have there differences, and you, as a tank, healer or dps, are expected to know the similarities and differences of the ones your raid group encounters. 

This easy to do if you’re a seasoned raider and your group isn’t in any progression content at the moment, but what about people who were in a guild that raided strictly Karazhan that joined a guild raiding SSC?  Then, you have to do the research.

There are tons of options, if you know where to look.

There are tons and tons of web sites with information on boss killing strategies.  Clicking on the screen shot will take you to the site described.

BossKillers Screen shotBoss Killers – This site is dedicated to nothing but strategies for raid bosses. You can find both Pre-BC and BC, 10-40 man, instance and outdoor raid bosses. I searched the site and did not find one boss or instance that was not included.  The strategies are player submitted and the include contests that allow you to win money for submitting the first high quality strategy guide on a boss.

WoWWiki Screen shot WoW Wiki – Although it’s focus is not boss strategies, it still carries a good amount of them.  WoW Wiki is much like any other wiki site in the fact that it is user edited.  You can find anything from character info to in game mechanics and everything in between.  This is the site I used before BossKillers, and find that when researching a boss fight, using the two of them will almost always tell you everything there is to know.

WoW Head Screen Shot WoW Head – WoW Head is usually used as a search engine for items and skills. They don’t provide any strategies, but you can see what spells and skills a certain boss uses.  Each Item, NPC, Zone, Skill, and Boss has a comment section in which players are able to post a strategy guide if they’d like.  I don’t use WoW Head much for boss strategies, but it’s great for drops and skills. 

AMP WoW Screen Shot Amp WoW – This is a site that I just recently came across.  Their strategy section seems to be some what incomplete, however they do have a visual aid for the boss strategies that they’ve added, which I find incredibly helpful.  If the strategies get completed, I’m pretty sure this site will go on my list of favorites.


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