My First Attempt at Tempest Keep: The Eye

I thought that since tonight would be my first attempt at healing TK that I’d go ahead and try and give some updates, so I’ll be live blogging the raid. Once we’ve finished, I’ll add a few screen shots, but I’m not going to worry about that until the time comes.

10:10 PM: Pulls start… Full hour late, but hell, I don’t care!

11:13 PM: “OMG He’s so big!” ~A Random Guildy upon seeing Void Reaver

11:40 PM: Cleared VR’s room and going over the strategy.

11:55 PM: Pulled VR… Here goes.

11:59 PM: Attempt 1: Failed at 90%… I was second on heals though! Lol.

12:06 AM: Starting attempt 2.

12:15 AM: Attempt 2: Failed at 40%… One more go and hopefully we’ll get him!

12:26 AM: Pull #3!!!

12:29 AM: I died after 1 minute and 31 seconds… I need more stamina, me thinks.

12:42 AM: Called it, didn’t want to get repops. Hearthing and repairing. Will get some pix up soon!


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