Making That Paper… Err… Metal?

I’ve been asked by strangers how I make money as a holy priest. The funny thing is that I don’t! I do it all with my hunter. Farming, dailies, all of it is done on my hunter with the exception of the Heroic Daily and Dungeon Daily. 

I prefer to do dailies though I’ve been a bit burnt out on them lately.  My preference is to start with the quests that will give me reputaion with factions I am not yet exaulted. I start with Shattered Sun Offensive quests first, as they are all fairly easy to do and grouped up together.  After that, I head to Shadowmoon Valley to work on the Netherwing dailies. 

Laely I’ve been faming the Talonsworn Forest-Ragers for herbs with my fiance. We uaully use the herbs to make potions and elixirs and so that I can donate some herbs to the guild.  It’s pretty easy and I think I’ll start selling the herbs to make some gold for Mercy’s epic flyer. 


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