The First Test

As you know, I’ve been trying to decide between Circle of Healing and Prayer of Spirit. I was able to give CoH a real test in a raid instance and thought I’d share my thoughts.

I filled in for a guildy in Zul’Aman who had to leave at Hex Lord Malacrass. A little about the Malacrass fight. It starts off with 4 adds all of which can be CCed in some way or another. He also does an AoE every .5 seconds called Spirit Bolts which is where CoH comes in. Basically the idea is for a priest to spam CoH and Prayer of Mending on the two groups and then regen during the DPSing phase. It worked out fairly well and although it didn’t keep everyone at 100%, I was still able to keep a good majority of the group above 50%. I was pretty satisfied with it over all, although I think I could have done a little better with my shackle/healing/CoH combo.


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