Healing My First 25 Man

The Instance:  Magtheridon’s Lair
The Spec:  Disc/Holy with Circle of Healing
The Stats:  1967 Bonus Heal, 245 Mana per Five second while casting.

Attempt 1:  I was fairly nervous about the raid, had only been to Mag a couple of times, and of course, it was my first time healing it. I was assigned to the tank at the third summoner and no one else.  The first attempt was pretty rough. Someone attacked early, so from the beginning, things were a little bit rough.  Because we hadn’t fully given out healing assignments, the main tank had no healer, which we didn’t realize until he was already at 25% life. Needless to say, it didn’t go to well.

Attempt 2: I was a little less nervous about healing the tank at this point and after we had killed all of Mag’s little adds and what not, I decided to go ahead and keep an eye on the raid and the main tank.  I was able to keep my tank (who was also clicking cubes) up with a renew and a Greater Heal (Rank 2). I was able to keep my self and my tank up at all times, and still managed to throw a few rocking heals on our Main Tank, Daydreamer. We got Mag down and got some nifty loots out of the run.

All in all I was pretty satisfied with myself. Even though I am good friends with the GM of this guild, I don’t want to be the chick who got in because she knows the GM. I guess in a way, I really wanted to prove myself, not only to the guild, but to myself, also.


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