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Circle of Healing vs. Divine Spirit

April 27, 2008

screenshot_114With my recent switch from Shadow to Discipline/Holy, I was unsure with what to spec.  Should I go further into the Discipline tree in order to procure Divine Spirit and Prayer of Spirit?  At first, at around only 1700 bonus healing, I thought it would be best to go with Divine Spirit to boost my plus heal and mana regeneration.  I found that self buffed my healing was at near 1800 and my mana regeneration had improved a bit, but that it was not incredibly noticeable. 

After The Boy had respecced his priest out of Divine Spirit and into Circle of Healing, he raved about how much he loved it, so I decided to give it a go.  After the first time I looked at it, I thought to myself, Ooooh, that’s awesome! After having tried it for a few days now, I see that though it’s still incredibly bad ass, it’s not quite what I thought at first. It is more difficult to utilize it in the groups that I am usually in, which are 5 and 10 man, which is what makes it understandable for it to be more common in Tempest Keep or Black Temple than in say, Karazhan.  While it’s nice to have, I think that at this point, Spirit outweighs CoH, though I will spec back into it again when I get into 25 mans more hardcore.


Did You Notice?

April 24, 2008

That things changed? Not only am I no longer an officer of Perpetuus Mos, I am no longer a member. I felt it was time for a change. My help and opinion were no longer valued. Slowly yet surely the layout will be changing and I will be able to make the focus of this blog my quest in becoming a healer once again after a long break from it.


April 19, 2008

I can’t believe that I used to play WoW literally all day with nothing to do but heal runs. Today I ran 3 heroics in 2 hours and was bored out of my mind! I had to take an hour and a half break to work on the banner for my other blog. Which came out nicely, if I do say so myself.  But anyway, back to my previous topic, healing on Mercy. I only plan to have Mercy specced for healing until Wycaan hits 70 and can become my healer, no longer, but I’m just trying to figure out… How the heck did I do this before? I’ve been trying to look into it and all I can’t really pick up on it.

It has however helped me decide which turn this blog will be taking, though new title and banner are beyond me. Keep an eye out for the changes, hehe.

I picked up Pattern: Whitemend Hood today from the last boss in Heroic Bot. Can’t remember his name for the life of me.  I might use waste some gold and have The Boy make me the Whitemend Pants and start working on making the Whitemend Hood tomorrow or soonish.

Recent Events

April 15, 2008

I realized it’s been a while since I posted and thought I’d let you all have a heads up as to what’s been going on. Well, Mercy is no longer a mana battery. I loved being shadow, but once I picked up That Gorgeous Shard I had to give healing another go, and I must say that although it bores me, I love doing it. I think I even missed it for a bit, hehe. I went from Shadowcloth to Mooncloth tailoring, which simultaneously put a HUGE hole in the bank and pushed me up to +1890 heal. Of course I put my lovely Frozen Shadoweave Set in the bank to be worn again another day.

That epic mount… The one I swore I’d never waste gold on… I got one for Yem recently. I figured she’s my gatherer and that at the very least I should go ahead and get one for her. Right now she’s stuck with the Swift Purple Gryphon, but I’ve been working on Skyguard and Netherwing rep so I can get my Cute Purple Ray and my Big Ass Dragon. Can you tell I’m excited?

Now for the bad news, or at least, some would call it bad news. The guild. My pride and joy. A week and a half ago, my GM, who happens to be a very good friend of mine needed a break, so after a Kara run, I mentioned why doesn’t he give GM to another officer for a week and take a vacation. No one other than myself stepped up, so I became GM for the week. Afterwards, a new guildy/officer who has had an issue with me since she joined about 2 months ago got jealous that Neb’s “best friend” would be in charge for a week and then she decided to take over. She tried to get me to give her GM one night while Neb was offline, which of course, I didn’t go for. That Friday, when the time was coming to pass GM back to Neb, she decided that she wanted to take over and lead the raid. Things went badly and there was an argument both before the raid and after the raid with me on one side and Neb and the Temp GM on another. Things were resolved. Two nights ago, there was yet another argument, again, me on one side and Neb and the Temp GM on the other.

After this second fight where I found out that the Temp GM had said things to Neb claiming I had said them (which wasn’t true), I decided it was time for a change and I had myself demoted from officer to member. My help is no longer appreciated and does not seem to be needed and I have decided that with that being the case, I no longer have reason to be an officer.

What I’m getting at here is that the tone of this blog will change to much more of a Priest and Hunter focused blog from being a Guild focused blog. Please bear with me as things are changed to be more appropriate as such.

Um WTF???

April 4, 2008

While checking out Google Analytics this morning I saw that if you search for 2008 people in turkiye email contact big mens wet money, this blog will show up in the results. Now, I know that searches can turn up some rather interesting things, but WHAT THE HECK WAS THIS GUY/GIRL LOOKING FOR? It’s just one of those things that no matter how many times I try to figure it out, I’m still going to go ummm WTF?!? Maybe later on I’ll check out the BA chatroom and see if anyone else has crazy searches that lead to their sites.