My Add-ons Part 1

I use a LOT of add-ons. To many to count, IMO. Here are my favorites, what they do, and why I love them.

Atlas Loot has loot tables for gear in all instances, along with tier sets, PvP sets, and badge gear. 
Why I love it While knowing what can drop where is wonderful, I love being able to compare what I’m wearing to the gear I would get if I up on a T4, T5, or T6 token.

Call of Elements is a totem timer for shaman. I love the way that it keeps al of your totems of each element in one place, and you can configure them any way you want.
Why I love it There are so many totems that a Shaman has, I’d kill myself if I had to put each and every one of them on my action bars.

Cartographer keeps track of all your herbs, veins, fishing nodes and gas clouds. It also has instance maps, a scroll down menu that shows you what zone is where, allows you to create way points, and keeps track of quest NPC’s.
Why I love it  You can set it up to create a route for farming, which if you are anything like me when it comes to farming, is GODLY!

Cellular gives you an IM-like window for each of your whispers which can be minimized.
Why I love it One of it’s features is that you can view the history of whispers, even if it’s days later… Complete with time stamps and date!

King of the Jungle puts two movable icons in the middle of your screen. One to mend pet, so you don’t have to search for it on your action bars, the other is a customizable menu which only shows when your pet needs to be fed.
Why I love it Because them menu is customizable, I never have to worry about accidentally feeding my pets my agility food on accident!

Quest Helper is my new favorite mod. It puts a way point arrow in the middle of your screen telling you where to go to get which quest, and it creates a route for you that optimizes your questing and keeps you from running back and forth from places.
Why I love it I have no favorite part of this mod. It does all the footwork for me. Tells me where to find what, who to turn it into… It’s my new love.

Simon Cheats lets me make a list of what color sequence to use for the Simon Says Ogri’La daily.
Why I love it It’s easy to use as long as you pay attention.


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