How to Piss Off a Hunter

Just another little rant of mine. I’ve dealt with these things (and more) the past few days and they were driving me crazy, so I thought it’d be a good time for another vent.

Tell them to have their pet off tank, but then don’t heal the pet. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize your free mana was worth more than the silver I have to spend to replace pet food.

Break the trap on a mob even though 1- there are still mobs up that need to be killed like that sapped mob that just broke out of its sap! 2- you are a clothie when I said you break, you buy, I meant it! and 3- you DOTed it all to hell!!!

Ask them to re-trap the mob that you just filled with DOT’s I’m sorry, but can your succubus seduce a mob with DOT’s on it? No? Then what the hell makes you think I can trap it?

Tell them they can’t roll on leather DPS gear. Wait… aren’t you a boomkin… In CLOTH?!?


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