Raiding 101 – Part One: What to Bring Along.

Once a week on a Tuesday I’ll go over some tips and tricks for raiding for a Shadow Priest, Hunter, or both. Hopefully this will be like a raiding 101 course for raiders and soon to be raiders.

Now, it’s fairly common to use consumables when you raid, so make sure you have them with you. Personally, I prefer 1-3 stacks of buff food, 1-2 stacks of elixirs, 1 flask (depending on what we’re doing), and at least 1 stack of Super Mana and Super Health Potions.

On Mercy, my Shadow Priest, I usually have the following filling my bags:

My Heal Gear: 17 slots
1 Flask of Pure Death: 1 slot
1 Stack of Adept’s Elixirs: 1 slot
1 Full Mana Potion Injector: 1 slot (4 slots if I have plain pots instead)
1 Full Healing Potion Injector: 1 slot (4 slots if I have plain pots instead)
2-3 Full Superior Wizard Oils: 2-3 slots
1 Stack of Elixirs of Draenic Wisdom: 1 slot
At least 1 full stack of spell damage food, preferably Blackened Basilisk: 1- 2 slots

As you can see, at any time I have at least 25 bag slots devoted to raiding when I’m on my priest. Sometimes I have up to 35 bag slots full, depending on wether or not I have injectors at my disposal and wether or not we’ll be doing Nightbane and I need my urn.

Why do I waste 17 slots on heal gear? Because I am a priest. You never know when there’s to much DPS, but not quite enough healing, and if that ever happens, I want to be prepared for it. I’ve been debating taking my priest holy/disc for a little while, and I’m still debating it. Well… We’ll see.

Now, on my hunter things are different:

20-24 Stacks of Adamantite Stingers: 1 full quiver
1 Stack of Elixirs of Major Agility: 1 slot
2-3 Stacks of pet food: 2-3-slots
1 Stack of Kibler’s Bits: 1 slot
1 Stack of Buff food, preferably Grilled Mudfish: 1 slot
1 Full Mana Potion Injector: 1 slot

So on a regular basis, I’ve usually only got about 7 slots filled for raids, plus my quiver, which I’m not really counting in this, seeing as the only thing I can put in it is arrows.

For you, there may be things you need that aren’t listed, or you may not need things that are. This is just a basic list for the things that you should keep around.


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