12 Ways to Get Ahead In Your Guild*

  1. Do something to stand out this doesn’t mean that you should become the guy who when people mention your name in chat the general response is “I can’t remember what it was, but I remember having a really crappy experience with him”. What I mean is that when someone says “Hey, do you know anyone with Mongoose?” a good answer should be “Yea go to Mercyrose. She doesn’t charge anything if you provide the mats.” (Shameless plug)
  2. Offer your assistance if you have a lowbie in your guild who is a pretty cool little dude and can’t get a group for Stockades and all you’re doing is running in circles in Shatt, offer to take the little dude on a quick run. You never know, the guy may be an ultra leveling pro and might be level 70 in a week when you can’t find someone to fill out your group.
  3. Have time for more that just yourself in your day. When you need an enchant but the guild enchanter is leveling her new alt, be willing to wait. And if she logs over to give you the enchant, be willing to do the same. If you’re an Elixir Master, but you’re on your alt and someone needs a few elixirs made, speak up. Don’t just continue along your business and hope the other Alchemist, who happens to be a Transmutation Master will do it.
  4. Know the people in your guild from the level 1 random bank alt named Imabankalt all the way up to your GM, know who’s who incase someone who doesn’t know, but needs to can find out.
  5. Be knowledgeable if you tell someone that 1 mana/5 is = to 4.5 healing, 4.5 int, or 45 spirit for a T4 Resto Shammy, be able to explain how and why, or at least be able to point them to some references with the why and how.
  6. Be considerate if someone donates 8 stacks of strength food to the guild bank in the free for all section, don’t take all of it. Leave plenty for other people who may want or need it, and make sure to thank them afterwards.
  7. Make sure you’re self sufficient nothing is more annoying than a mage who the minute the raid starts says “Does anyone have Adept’s/Draenic/Spell Food/Oil that I can have?” Make sure you have everything you might need. Don’t rely on others for your reagents, consumables, or repair costs.
  8. Pretend you’re a girl scout and come prepared. Yes, this is very similar being self sufficient, possibly one and the same. But along with having all of your own stuff, you have to have the stuff like your heal set (if you’re a shadow priest like me, or a tankadin) or a tank set (if you’re a boomkin or healadin). Also be sure that you know the general mechanics of the raid instance and bosses in that instance.
  9. PvP like a pro. Wait, what exactly does this have to getting ahead in your guild? I’ll put it very simply. PvP helps you teach your self how to respond quickly to different situations. How to CC on the fly, how late is to late to pop out of Shadowform and toss out a Greater Heal. Which in turn, helps you teach yourself how to do it in raids, which Raid Leaders, Guild Masters, and Officers love!
  10. Names mean a lot, and say a lot about you. Just last night we had someone log on who at some point had been invited to our guild with a seriously offensive name to a large portion of the members. When approached by an officer of the guild he laughed and was extremely inconsiderate. He ended up being kicked from the guild, but it turned out, not one of the officers nor the GM expected him to act differently, which we all attributed to the name.
  11. D0N’T U53 1337 5P3AK. n0w i kn0 da7 it5 much fa573r 70 7yp3 7hi5 way 70 sum p30p13**. But most people have no idea what the previous sentence means. And when you’re in a guild and trying to converse with the rest of your guildies, who learned how to read and write using letters, one sentence using “1337 5p3ak” takes way to long.
  12. Pretend you’re Santa Clause. No, no, no, I’m not talking about some weird kind of role play. I’m talking about being jolly. There is nothing GM’s and Officers love more than to have guild members who are fun to be around. People who are angry all the time are just not the kind of people most of us want to spend our free time with.

*Thank you Matticus for the idea!
**Translation: Now i know that it’s much faster to type this way to some people.


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