You Talkin’ to Me?

Some people pay attention to whichever class it is that they play and nothing else. It annoys me to no end when someone asks me “Mercy, are you shadow?” when I’m in shadow form. Or, “Can you scatter shot?” after I inform them I’m BM. Here are a list of my pet peeves that I deal with when playing my priest.

Annoying Things to Say to Priests:

“Are you shadow?”
You see that little buff icon? The one that when you hover over it, it says SHADOWFORM? Yes, I’m shadow.

“Can you heal?”
Yes, shadow priests can heal. But we are not specced for it, so although our +800 spell damage and healing may be enough for your friend who is disc/holy, it is not for us. We have no healing bonuses, and our heals are longer. So don’t tell the mage, rogue, and hunter not to worry about CC, ‘We’ll just burn them down’.

“Can you CC?”
Um… You mean instead of a mage? Or rogue? Or hunter? Or lock? When I get asked this question it usually puts me in the mood for a classic TJ move… Up Yours.

Heal me!” or “Heal the tank!”
This always puts me in a crappy mood, whether I am healing or DPSing. If you have that little confidence in your healers that you don’t think they have the mental capacity that they don’t know the person between them and the mobs is dying, then you should not have grouped with them in the first place! That’s right up there with

“Spirit buff please.”
If I had a spirit buff, don’t you think that you would have gotten during the first or second or third round of buffs?


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