WoW Withdrawl

I may very well be losing my mind. Because of this bank issue I have no WoW. When will I have it back? No clue. How is my guild doing in the raids? Again, no clue. How is R doing? How’d court go? No clue. How about B and J? Are they settling in? I wish I knew. How about J and T? Hopefully they worked things out. Some people think it’s foolish, but as you can see, I’ve become close to many of my guildies. Some of them are great about checking their e-mail, others kinda fail at it. So of course, those are the ones who I’m worried about.

Even if I wasn’t worried about some of them, I’d still be goin nutty. There is absolutely nothing to do in this little tiny, wet town. The boy and I have watched so many movies that we’ve run out of good ones. So, we’ve been stuck watching crappy ones. The boy is about || far away from just giving up on entertainment and sleeping. I’ve been organizing and reading constantly, but I can only do so much of it before that begins to add to my insanity.

I wish I had more news, or better news for you all, but The Boy informs me it is now time for some anime…

/dance for distraction


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