If at first you don’t succeed…

You know the old saying “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.” And we did… for days, weeks, months, we’ve been working on Kara. Trying to get a little bit of guild progression going. Trying to gain a little bit of guild progress… And it worked!

Let me back it up for some of you. When I joined Perpetuus Mos, we could hardly consider ourselves a raiding guild. We were pugging 30-50% of our Karazhan group every weekend, and usually couldn’t make it past Curator. Though they were fun, our raids were filled with AFKs and goofing off. We had people who would go afk for upwards of 30 minutes.

A few weeks ago we recruited a hunter, Rawlins, we told him how Kara was going, and before he had even become an officer he began recruiting… and recruiting… and recruiting. We went through quite a few tanks, DPS, and healers, but we finally got a serious core group together.

We went into Kara last Friday and cleared up to The Curator. After that we decided to go ahead and pass out since everyone was tired and we had started about an hour later than usual. The next day we started early so that we could do some ZA after we got done in Kara. Well, we went to Kara, and did Aran and Chess and took a few attempts at Prince, with no luck, so we gave up in there. We then headed to ZA and killed the first two bosses (yes Neb, we know you’ret he electrical storm) and then decided what the hell, we’ll head back to Kara for Mr. Malch. So once we got there and got everyone situated we decided to give Nightbane a few attempts. He dropped like a high priced hooker.

Prince? Went down like a prom date.

Hm… Now what? Well… We could always try Netherspite. Three attempts later, we had quite the happy tank. So at that point, we had every single boss down with the exception of the animal boss and Illhoof, who we decided not to do because he’s just a pain in the neck and dropped nothing good for any of us. It wasn’t until I was going over the list of drops for our Loot Forum that I realized… Wait… That was a full clear of Kara! Woot!

/commence the celebrating


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