A Rose by Any Other Name…

Good men must die, but death cannot kill their names.. ~Proverb
Tigers die and leave their skins; people die and leave their names. ~Japanese Proverb
Words have meaning and names have power. ~Author Unknown

Bunnyfer, from Chronicles of Undermine asked the Blog Azeroth crew asked the question: How did you come up with your character names? Do you have a theme? Immediately the question caught my heart and my eye. Each of the charecters that I plan to make a main has an important meaning to me.

Back when I started playing WoW, the first character I created started out as Jasmine. But that name was not available… Then Jasmin… Same thing. Over and over I went with names that sounded like Jasmine, but were spelled differently. They were all taken. So I gave up on Jasmine. Why Jasmine? Because it’s the name on my birth certificate. Original, right? Heh. Then I realized there was a name more important to me than the name Jasmine. Mercy Rose. See, I’m Wiccan, and it’s a very common tradition to be given a magickal name after a certain amount of time studying. Mercy Rose was given to me by my first wiccan teacher for two reasons. The first: I always show Mercy to living creatures, be it a spider that I’m deathly afraid of, or an old stinky stray dog. I didn’t quite agree with her on this. I mean, I had smashed plenty of spiders in my time, but she would hear none of it. Rose? Simple. She always saw a rose colored aura around me. Thus Mercyrose, my priest and my first WoW toon, was born.


After her came Yemaya. She is a Goddess associated with the Cuban religion Santeria. She rules over the Seas and Lakes, and is considered the Mother of All. She also rules over maternity. As a pagan mother, Yemaya has alway held a place in my heart. Not only because I am a mom, but because I have fertility problems (Don’t worry boys, I won’t get into detail). I am also a Sagittarius, which is a fire sign, and the water always seems to calm me down and balance me. I chose this name for my hunter for some strange reasons. Some may understand it, some may think it’s incredibly odd. Hunters have pets. I am one of the kind of people who thinks that your pet dog, or cat or chicken should be treated the way you would a child. Although animals don’t quite need the same level of care and money and compassion, they still need it.


Next and last of my mains is Wycaan, my shaman. This is probably going to be the shortest explanation of my character names that I give you. Why the name Wycaan? Because as I said, I am Wiccan. They are pronounced the same, and Wiccan was taken. Why a shaman? No, not because they were the new cool thing at the time. I had had a horde shaman with the same name. I chose to pair the two together because when I had picked that name, I had also chosen my tradition and had decided to go with shamanistic wicca.

I’m sure that one day I will feel a need to add another character to his long list, but for now, I’m very happy with my three girls. If you’d like to see responses from other BA members, you can view them on the list below.

Bunnyfer BanSidhe
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Vision aXis Fizzbip
Dinaer Mummrah
Teepee Lienna
Yashima Maerdred
Gebeorgan Annalira
Zemalf Nightravyn
Tigersoul Aurik
Lifebloomer Qordis
Tkc Dmosbon
Rakel Fimlys


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