Does WoW Need Another Party Role?

Topic of the week: Does WoW Need Another Party Role? Honestly, I think party comp has been organized fairly well, I would say it’s one of the few things Blizz has done well, but it was done that way in many MMO’s before WoW, so… Hat’s off to Blizz for keepin’ the tried and true thing goin instead of breakin’ it as they do everything else!

I would love to see another class role brought into the mix, but I just can’t say what we need… Someone to keep people alive… Nope, got one of those; Hmm, how about someone who talks a bunch of shit and protects the rest of the group? Nope… Tanks and taunts have that covered too… Oh oh oh! I know!!! How about someone who’ll beat the crap out of every baddy around with minimal chance of dea- wait… Damn.

I’d love to say that a Bard, who just travels with the group and keeps things light hearted with song would be awesome, but ya know… I’m easily distracted, and if I suggested that and Blizz ran with it… Any group I joined would fail. But you know what? I think they need? Someone in charge. Not just a group leader, but someone much more fun than that… Like… An overbearing parent. One who complains at you when things aren’t just right. Could you imagine the stress? Some people perform well under pressure, others don’t, so I dunno how well that’d work out. Hmm, maybe someone to completely sabotage the group whenever they could. Like, a warlock who “accidentally” pulls a group of mobs at the same time as the tank, and then begins life tapping or something a long those lines… *shrug* I hate to say it, but as much as I love a little chaos, I think I should stop before I get reported to Blizz and they decide to take my advice.

If you’re interested in what other’s think about this topic, feel free to read responses from other BA members:


*I’ll keep this list updated as other WoW Bloggers at BA post.


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