Do’s and Do Not’s for New Guildies

So, I’m perusing Blog Azeroth, my most recent forum addiction for more tips and fun stuff on tghe wonderful world of WoW Blogging, and I came across a link titled “Mistakes new Guildmates make?” And it brought my blood back to a boiling point.

There is this kid who was supposed to be an OT for our guild. I’m not going to state a name, but he can only be described as a twelve year old lying thief. Stole LPSs from our guild bank, asked to borrow some enchanting mats from me for tanking enchants with the promise to pay me back half of it. Left the guild 3 days later and when I asked him about the 50g he owed me, he claimed to have put it in the bank and then put me on ignore… So instead of making a list of do’s and do not’s for new guildies, I’m making a list of do’s and do not’s for guild leaders and officers.


  • Offer new guildies help with quests, farming, etc.
  • Offer profession goods at cost
  • Help them learn what is and is not allowed in the guild
  • Run normal and heroic instances with new guildies to allow them to get used to your play style and allow you to get used to theirs as well


  • Give new recruits access to your guild bank unless you know them very well
  • Give them free profession goods unless you don’t mind parting with the mats
  • Shrug them off and say things like “If you want to run kara, go get keyed, we’re to busy to help you.
  • Ignore them when the ask questions.

As for this kid who will remain nameless… Life on Elune will become hell if you keep that up.


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