Karazhan Drops For This Week…

So here are our sexy Karazhan drops tonight.

[Badge of Justice]
[Worgen Claw Necklace] Killerofgod
[Whirlwind Bracers] Strongpal

[Badge of Justice]x2
[Belt of Gale Force] Sharded
[Edgewalker Longboots] Nebulara



[Badge of Justice]x2
[Totem of Healing Rains] Ciborgue
[Bands of Indwelling] Odarist

Opera Event (Wizard of Oz)
[Badge of Justice]x2
[Ribbon of Sacrifice] Kelmeg
[Wicked Witch’s Hat] Nebulara

[Badge of Justice]x2
[Gloves of the Fallen Champion] Mofognome
[Dragon-Quake Shoulderguards] Ciborgue


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