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Working on the Blog Roll

February 29, 2008

I’m about to begin working on the blog roll and getting more of my Blog Azeroth buddies up there. Feel free to leave me a comment with your WoW Blog and I’ll add ya in with everyone 🙂 In the mean while, watch this video:


WoW Withdrawl

February 23, 2008

I may very well be losing my mind. Because of this bank issue I have no WoW. When will I have it back? No clue. How is my guild doing in the raids? Again, no clue. How is R doing? How’d court go? No clue. How about B and J? Are they settling in? I wish I knew. How about J and T? Hopefully they worked things out. Some people think it’s foolish, but as you can see, I’ve become close to many of my guildies. Some of them are great about checking their e-mail, others kinda fail at it. So of course, those are the ones who I’m worried about.

Even if I wasn’t worried about some of them, I’d still be goin nutty. There is absolutely nothing to do in this little tiny, wet town. The boy and I have watched so many movies that we’ve run out of good ones. So, we’ve been stuck watching crappy ones. The boy is about || far away from just giving up on entertainment and sleeping. I’ve been organizing and reading constantly, but I can only do so much of it before that begins to add to my insanity.

I wish I had more news, or better news for you all, but The Boy informs me it is now time for some anime…

/dance for distraction

If at first you don’t succeed…

February 16, 2008

You know the old saying “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.” And we did… for days, weeks, months, we’ve been working on Kara. Trying to get a little bit of guild progression going. Trying to gain a little bit of guild progress… And it worked!

Let me back it up for some of you. When I joined Perpetuus Mos, we could hardly consider ourselves a raiding guild. We were pugging 30-50% of our Karazhan group every weekend, and usually couldn’t make it past Curator. Though they were fun, our raids were filled with AFKs and goofing off. We had people who would go afk for upwards of 30 minutes.

A few weeks ago we recruited a hunter, Rawlins, we told him how Kara was going, and before he had even become an officer he began recruiting… and recruiting… and recruiting. We went through quite a few tanks, DPS, and healers, but we finally got a serious core group together.

We went into Kara last Friday and cleared up to The Curator. After that we decided to go ahead and pass out since everyone was tired and we had started about an hour later than usual. The next day we started early so that we could do some ZA after we got done in Kara. Well, we went to Kara, and did Aran and Chess and took a few attempts at Prince, with no luck, so we gave up in there. We then headed to ZA and killed the first two bosses (yes Neb, we know you’ret he electrical storm) and then decided what the hell, we’ll head back to Kara for Mr. Malch. So once we got there and got everyone situated we decided to give Nightbane a few attempts. He dropped like a high priced hooker.

Prince? Went down like a prom date.

Hm… Now what? Well… We could always try Netherspite. Three attempts later, we had quite the happy tank. So at that point, we had every single boss down with the exception of the animal boss and Illhoof, who we decided not to do because he’s just a pain in the neck and dropped nothing good for any of us. It wasn’t until I was going over the list of drops for our Loot Forum that I realized… Wait… That was a full clear of Kara! Woot!

/commence the celebrating

A Rose by Any Other Name…

February 13, 2008

Good men must die, but death cannot kill their names.. ~Proverb
Tigers die and leave their skins; people die and leave their names. ~Japanese Proverb
Words have meaning and names have power. ~Author Unknown

Bunnyfer, from Chronicles of Undermine asked the Blog Azeroth crew asked the question: How did you come up with your character names? Do you have a theme? Immediately the question caught my heart and my eye. Each of the charecters that I plan to make a main has an important meaning to me.

Back when I started playing WoW, the first character I created started out as Jasmine. But that name was not available… Then Jasmin… Same thing. Over and over I went with names that sounded like Jasmine, but were spelled differently. They were all taken. So I gave up on Jasmine. Why Jasmine? Because it’s the name on my birth certificate. Original, right? Heh. Then I realized there was a name more important to me than the name Jasmine. Mercy Rose. See, I’m Wiccan, and it’s a very common tradition to be given a magickal name after a certain amount of time studying. Mercy Rose was given to me by my first wiccan teacher for two reasons. The first: I always show Mercy to living creatures, be it a spider that I’m deathly afraid of, or an old stinky stray dog. I didn’t quite agree with her on this. I mean, I had smashed plenty of spiders in my time, but she would hear none of it. Rose? Simple. She always saw a rose colored aura around me. Thus Mercyrose, my priest and my first WoW toon, was born.


After her came Yemaya. She is a Goddess associated with the Cuban religion Santeria. She rules over the Seas and Lakes, and is considered the Mother of All. She also rules over maternity. As a pagan mother, Yemaya has alway held a place in my heart. Not only because I am a mom, but because I have fertility problems (Don’t worry boys, I won’t get into detail). I am also a Sagittarius, which is a fire sign, and the water always seems to calm me down and balance me. I chose this name for my hunter for some strange reasons. Some may understand it, some may think it’s incredibly odd. Hunters have pets. I am one of the kind of people who thinks that your pet dog, or cat or chicken should be treated the way you would a child. Although animals don’t quite need the same level of care and money and compassion, they still need it.


Next and last of my mains is Wycaan, my shaman. This is probably going to be the shortest explanation of my character names that I give you. Why the name Wycaan? Because as I said, I am Wiccan. They are pronounced the same, and Wiccan was taken. Why a shaman? No, not because they were the new cool thing at the time. I had had a horde shaman with the same name. I chose to pair the two together because when I had picked that name, I had also chosen my tradition and had decided to go with shamanistic wicca.

I’m sure that one day I will feel a need to add another character to his long list, but for now, I’m very happy with my three girls. If you’d like to see responses from other BA members, you can view them on the list below.

Bunnyfer BanSidhe
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Page 123 Meme

February 13, 2008

I know this is incredibly non-WoW related, but, Rebecca, over at Writer’s Round About invited her readers to join her in the Page 123 Meme. It’s an interesting concept, and intrigued me to give it a go for some fun. Will it add insight to a current situation, or a laugh that is well needed? Lets find out.

1- Pick up the nearest book.
This is the omnibus, His Dark Materials, Written by Philip Pullman. It is the trilogy combining The Golden Compass and it’s two sequels, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass. I finished it back in December, but it has been sitting next to my laptop ever since then.

2- Open to page 123.

3-Find the fifth sentence.

4- Post the next 3 sentences.
The ship’s stores were searched for oilskins that could be cut down for her, and Jerry showed her how to sew, an art she learned willingly from him, though she had scorned it at Jordan and avoided instruction from Mrs. Lonsdale. Together they made a waterproof bag for he alehiometer that she could wear around her waist, in case she fell in the sea, she said. With it safely in place she clung to the rail in her oilskins and sou’wester as the stinging spray broke over the bows and surged along the deck.

5- Tag five others.
As Rebecca did, I am going to be breaking this rule and instead of tagging five other people, I am going to encourage my readers to go and post their own Page 123 Meme and come back and leave me their link, which I plan to make a list of at the bottom of this post. I hope you all enjoy.

Kara Drops Tonight

February 9, 2008

Karazhan February 8th

[Badge of Justice]
[Whirlwind Bracers]– Sharded
[Handwraps of Flowing Thought]– Bcfluffer

[Badge of Justice]x2
[Belt of Gale Force]– Kelmeg
[Brooch of Unquenchable Fury]– Rabiddruid

[Badge of Justice]x2
[Totem of Healing Rains]– Sharded
[Boots of Foretelling]– Bcfluffer

[Badge of Justice]x2
[Trial-Fire Trousers]– Orphaedia
[Legacy]– Kelmeg

[Badge of Justice]x2
[Stonebough Jerkin]
– Kelmeg
[Dragonheart Flameshield]– Bcfluffer

[Badge of Justice]x2
[Gloves of the Fallen Champion]– Kelmeg
[Staff of Infinite Mysteries]– Orphaedia

[Badge of Justice]x2
[Boots of the Incorrupt]– Sharded
[Mantle of the Mind Flayer]– Bcfluffer

[Badge of Justice]x2
[Girdle of Treachery]-Mofognome
[Forestlord Striders]– Arlind

[Badge of Justice]
[Helm of the Fallen Champion]– Mofognome
[Nathrezim Mindblade]– Nebulara
[Ruby Drape of the Mysticant]– Orphaedia

Does WoW Need Another Party Role?

February 6, 2008

Topic of the week: Does WoW Need Another Party Role? Honestly, I think party comp has been organized fairly well, I would say it’s one of the few things Blizz has done well, but it was done that way in many MMO’s before WoW, so… Hat’s off to Blizz for keepin’ the tried and true thing goin instead of breakin’ it as they do everything else!

I would love to see another class role brought into the mix, but I just can’t say what we need… Someone to keep people alive… Nope, got one of those; Hmm, how about someone who talks a bunch of shit and protects the rest of the group? Nope… Tanks and taunts have that covered too… Oh oh oh! I know!!! How about someone who’ll beat the crap out of every baddy around with minimal chance of dea- wait… Damn.

I’d love to say that a Bard, who just travels with the group and keeps things light hearted with song would be awesome, but ya know… I’m easily distracted, and if I suggested that and Blizz ran with it… Any group I joined would fail. But you know what? I think they need? Someone in charge. Not just a group leader, but someone much more fun than that… Like… An overbearing parent. One who complains at you when things aren’t just right. Could you imagine the stress? Some people perform well under pressure, others don’t, so I dunno how well that’d work out. Hmm, maybe someone to completely sabotage the group whenever they could. Like, a warlock who “accidentally” pulls a group of mobs at the same time as the tank, and then begins life tapping or something a long those lines… *shrug* I hate to say it, but as much as I love a little chaos, I think I should stop before I get reported to Blizz and they decide to take my advice.

If you’re interested in what other’s think about this topic, feel free to read responses from other BA members:


*I’ll keep this list updated as other WoW Bloggers at BA post.

Do’s and Do Not’s for New Guildies

February 4, 2008

So, I’m perusing Blog Azeroth, my most recent forum addiction for more tips and fun stuff on tghe wonderful world of WoW Blogging, and I came across a link titled “Mistakes new Guildmates make?” And it brought my blood back to a boiling point.

There is this kid who was supposed to be an OT for our guild. I’m not going to state a name, but he can only be described as a twelve year old lying thief. Stole LPSs from our guild bank, asked to borrow some enchanting mats from me for tanking enchants with the promise to pay me back half of it. Left the guild 3 days later and when I asked him about the 50g he owed me, he claimed to have put it in the bank and then put me on ignore… So instead of making a list of do’s and do not’s for new guildies, I’m making a list of do’s and do not’s for guild leaders and officers.


  • Offer new guildies help with quests, farming, etc.
  • Offer profession goods at cost
  • Help them learn what is and is not allowed in the guild
  • Run normal and heroic instances with new guildies to allow them to get used to your play style and allow you to get used to theirs as well


  • Give new recruits access to your guild bank unless you know them very well
  • Give them free profession goods unless you don’t mind parting with the mats
  • Shrug them off and say things like “If you want to run kara, go get keyed, we’re to busy to help you.
  • Ignore them when the ask questions.

As for this kid who will remain nameless… Life on Elune will become hell if you keep that up.

Just So Everyone Knows…

February 2, 2008

We have disabled the ‘No Follow’ code on our template. So if you decide to comment, and I hope you do, Google will follow the link back to your site. You can find out how to do this on your own blog and get some awesome I Follow icons here.

Karazhan Drops For This Week…

February 2, 2008

So here are our sexy Karazhan drops tonight.

[Badge of Justice]
[Worgen Claw Necklace] Killerofgod
[Whirlwind Bracers] Strongpal

[Badge of Justice]x2
[Belt of Gale Force] Sharded
[Edgewalker Longboots] Nebulara



[Badge of Justice]x2
[Totem of Healing Rains] Ciborgue
[Bands of Indwelling] Odarist

Opera Event (Wizard of Oz)
[Badge of Justice]x2
[Ribbon of Sacrifice] Kelmeg
[Wicked Witch’s Hat] Nebulara

[Badge of Justice]x2
[Gloves of the Fallen Champion] Mofognome
[Dragon-Quake Shoulderguards] Ciborgue