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This Is Me, Mercy

January 31, 2008

In a month we went from 20 to which means it’s probably time to stop pugging half of our Kara runs and get busy with ourselves. We’ve now got 2 Karazhan groups, probably 3 soon, along with a guild website and a blog (which i absolutely refuse to link ). Plus we’ve got a guild bank!!! O.o Lawlz! No, but in all seriousness, we’re goofy as hell, we BS with each other all the time (if you get the chance to call Nebulara a whore, cunt, or cock-sucker, please do so, and tell him Mercy sentcha), whether in guild chat, or vent. A little about me, my main is Yemaya, I’m an officer of Perpetuus Mos, and have been tagged the official Guild Flirt/Slut/Bitch… I try to keep with the former, but my true self sometimes comes out, hehe. Welcome to the blog, we all hope you enjoy it. Eventually the other author’s will be introducing themselves also.